About Us

WHAT’S NEW: Take our new survey about the BUSD complaint process and help us advocate for a more responsive and transparent process at every level from school site to District office.

And thank you to everyone who took our Berkeley High Math Parent Survey. 132 parents responded, representing 186 current and previous Berkeley High students. A report on the results is now available. Also check out the results of our Berkeley High Math Student Survey. The stories parents and students shared portray a complex and informative range of experiences and hopefully teachers, administrators, and parents can all use this feedback to help our students succeed in math.

Now, on to our introduction:

The Berkeley High Parent Advocate was created in February 2018 by former members of the Academic Choice Advisory Council’s Student Voice Subcommittee. Our goal is to provide parents in every small learning community with information about four areas on which we’ve worked to help students and families at Berkeley High have a greater voice in their educational experience:

–Gathering feedback from parents and students in the Berkeley High community about their experiences in math so that we can work with teachers and administrators to advocate for successful outcomes for all students. We will be developing more informational materials and resources for parents about math at Berkeley High based on the results of our survey.

–Publicizing the complaint process so that parents and students who have a problem or concern know what to do

–Introducing nationally vetted student surveys to every classroom so that students can provide feedback to teachers and have a voice in their education

–Establishing proactive strategies for classrooms with long-term substitute teachers so that the disruption of learning is minimized

Members of the Academic Choice Advisory Council have also helped create websites at Berkeley High to support students taking Math 1, Math 2, and Math 3, as well as a parent-initiated support site, BHS Math Assist.

Students have also created the student-led BHS Advocacy Club. For more information contact Zev Marx-Kahn at zevmarxkahn@students.berkeley.net

We are happy to post your stories or questions in the discussion section to help foster community dialogue. It helps to know we’re not alone in the challenges parents face at BHS! Our hope is that if enough parents draw attention to these recurring problems and insist on a solution, we can improve the quality of education at Berkeley High for all of our students.

We ask that you keep your posts courteous and respectful at all times. Please keep in mind that we are not Berkeley High administrators and can only offer examples of our personal experience. We are not qualified to mediate in any individual complaint process.

Website Moderator: Donna Storey, Academic Choice Advisory Council Secretary, 2014-2017 (with thanks to the many ACAC parents who helped with this site and inspired me to make a positive difference in our community).